Document Scanning

Stirling Solutions Windows based integrated scanning application is fast, efficient, and incredibly simple to operate.

Scanning documents could not be easier. Each electronic image is linked specifically to its relevant Traffic Desk job, using its own unique reference (for ease of recall). The system is capable of scanning one or multiple documents against the same job.

Scanning not only benefits your business by helping to make it more efficient and therefore profitable, but also benefits your clients too. Customer queries regarding documentation can be resolved instantly, simply at the touch of a button. Potential disputes can be resolved easily through reprinting, faxing or emailing copies of PODs directly to your customers. Alternatively, using our eTransport module, your customers can directly access their own PODs over the Internet.

Stirling Solution's integrated scanning module also provides a simple solution to all your paper storage problems. Never again will you need to hunt around in the storeroom though files of POD's, everything you need is available at the touch of a button. Operational benefits to the user are the significant reduction in time previously spent filing and subsequent document retrieval.


Stirling Solutions Document Scanning Module offers you the benefits of:

  • Affordable integrated scanning software complementing both our Traffic Desk and eTransport Modules.
  • Fast, efficient and simple to use scanners offering both individual sheet and batch input facility.
  • Any size or type of document can be captured economically and quickly, simply by electronically storing a visual image of the actual documentation against a Traffic Desk job, for instant recall.
  • Removes staff time spent filing / retrieving transport documentation.
  • Provides a simple solution to all your paper storage problems.
  • Customer queries and POD requests resolved at the touch of a button, by simply reprinting, faxing or emailing copies of POD's directly to your customers.
  • Both manual categorisation and bar coded auto-categorisation options available.
  • Scanned documentation can be viewed over the Internet, directly through our eTransport module.
  • Facility to export scanned documentation to various third party pallet network hub software.