Supply, installation and support for all required computer equipment, offering you a one-stop shop.


Stirling Solutions in a high percentage of instances not only look after our clients software systems but also support and maintain their hardware infrastructure, effectively offering a one-stop shop.  Further to the supply and maintenance of the above mentioned, we can also assist in the instalation of network solutions, and linking of remote sites.


Provision, installation and maintenance support of the below mentioned:


  • Fileservers.
  • Computer terminals, monitors, keyboard and mice.
  • Notebooks.
  • Printers.
  • Document scanners.
  • WMS handheld scanning devices.
  • WMS RF scanning antenna's.
  • Network switch's.
  • Uninterruptable power supplies
  • Network cabling.
  • Backup hardware devices.
  • Printer toners and ribbons.



In addition to providing computer hardware solutions, third party software and stationery can also be supplied, including:


  • Backup software.
  • Antivirus software.
  • Office software.
  • Invoice stationery.
  • Accounts statement / remittance stationery. 
  • Payroll payslips.



Please contact your Stirling Solutions Representative for further information.