Multi Depot Traffic Desk.

Our Traffic Desk Module offers a comprehensive Multi Depot facility, enabling use across sites.

Posted on 13th February 2012


Whilst extremely powerful, Stirling Solutions have managed to maintain a high degree of flexibility through data entry, making Traffic Desk easy to implement and able to fit in with the way you choose to work.

Stirling Solutions Traffic Desk Module offers you the benefits of:

  • Configurable Traffic Desk diary screen.
  • Full integration with Stirling Solutions Warehouse, Workshop, Accounts, Scanning, eTransport and eDriver Modules.
  • Comprehensive invoicing facility.
  • Links to various Pallet Network Hub Software.
  • Configurable Import facility enabling Third Party Application Integration.
  • Integrated links to third party mapping software for both mileage calculation and map display, for both single and multi consignments.
  • Comprehensive Transport Report Generator offering both standard and bespoke tailored reporting, incorporating all aspects of transport documentation, operational and management reporting, through to customer KPI reporting.
  • Powerful Search and Filter Facility.
  • Quick Entry Input Screen.
  • Automatic Job Rating Facility.
  • Complete Multi Depot Facility.
  • Load Build and On Screen Planning Facility.
  • Integrated Product Facility for companies who not only provide a haulage and distribution service but also offer either their own or third party products.
  • Hazardous Transport Facility.
  • Comprehensive Driver, Vehicle, Trailer and Sub Contractor maintenance files.
  • Links to Third Party Accounts packages.

Please contact your Stirling Solutions representative for further details.