POD Exchange Service.

Our POD Exchange Service facilitates an automated transfer of scanned pod's and digital signatures.

Posted on 7th March 2016


Stirling Solutions POD Exchange Service facilitates a seamless transfer of both scanned pod's and digital signatures (dsc) between Stirling Solutions clients.

With over seven hundred companies throughout the UK utilising our suite of software solutions, we have found that more and more are taking the opportunity of working together.  Subsequently, we have developed a new 'POD Exchange Service' enabling our customers the opportunity to exchange both pod's and dsc's, in real time. 

POD Exchange Service facilitates:

  • Automated import of pod's / dsc's with partner Stirling Solutions customers in real time.
  • Alleviates the requirement of waiting for pod's to be returned, and then re-scanned.
  • Real time update of pod's / dsc's visible within both Traffic Desk and eTransport Modules.

Please contact your Stirling Solutions Sales Representative for further details