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31/03/2016 A clearer visibility of stock and stock movements, coupled with reporting and invoicing are the main benefits to us of utilising Stirling Solutions Warehouse Module. Woodward & Sons Ltd
23/03/2016 As an end to end solution, Traffic Desks configurability has very much aided our successful implementation across our depots. Welch's Transport Group Ltd.
16/03/2016 Offering our Customers the many benefits of eTransport has been simple, as via the web they can instantly access information regarding both their current and historical jobs. Simmonds Transport Ltd.
09/03/2016 Whilst the Scanning of transport documentation is now almost considered second nature, being able to simply load our Scanners with completed proof of delivery tickets and watching them automatically link to the relevant Traffic Desk job saves hours each and every day. S & J European Ltd.
02/03/2016 The feedback from our Customers regarding eTransport has been extremely positive. Fast job creation and the interaction with our other Stirling Solutions Modules has enabled more time for planning of both individual consignments and loads. S & J European (Haulage) Ltd.
28/02/2016 eDriver has assisted in streamlining essential business processes. Having a two way real time update facility directly between our Transport Office and the Driver is invaluable. PC Howard Ltd.
22/02/2016 We have Customers who require not only the facility of creating their own on line job requests (twenty four hours a day / seven days a week), but also the ability to be able to produce labels and delivery tickets at the touch of a button. eTransport offers all this and much more, but in such a fast, simple and user-friendly format. PC Howard Ltd.
15/02/2016 eTransport has ensured that Mini Clipper can continue to offer our clients a service which is second to none'. The benefits of both on line track and trace, and retrieval of POD's against specific consignments is invaluable. Mini Clipper Ltd.
08/02/2016 Through the seamless integration offered by Stirling Solutions Accounts Module, data duplication is avoided, which in turn significantly reduces time otherwise spent in manual input. Kenyon Road Haulage Ltd.
01/02/2016 Stirling Solutions Integrated Scanning Module enables each and every required document to be linked to its respective Transport Job. Not only is the process fast, efficient and simple to use, but any user of Traffic Desk can easily access the required document at the touch of a button. H Beardsley Ltd.
Displaying 1 to 10 of 19