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15/03/2012 Each and every consignment we are involved in, is of paramount importance to both our Customer and Ourselves. eDriver enables us to confirm proof of delivery the second it occurs, not only offering real time signature capture but also a date and time. CS Ellis (Group) Ltd.
03/03/2012 A high percentage of our Clients are now enjoying the many benefits of which eTransport offers. Furthermore, should customers have additional requests, then Stirling Solutions are always extremely supportive in terms of both bespoken and on-going software development. CS Ellis (Group) Ltd.
21/02/2012 A clearer visibility of stock and stock movements, coupled with reporting and invoicing are the main benefits to us of utilising Stirling Solutions Warehouse Module. Woodward & Sons Ltd
20/02/2012 As a planning and vehicle utilisation tool, Traffic Desk offers us clear visibility of all of our daily commitments. In addition both the powerful search tools and tailored reporting assists in exceeding our Customers expectations. CS Ellis (Group) Ltd.
19/02/2012 Whilst the Scanning of transport documentation is now almost considered second nature, being able to simply load our Scanners with completed proof of delivery tickets and watching them automatically link to the relevant Traffic Desk job saves hours each and every day. S & J European Ltd.
18/02/2012 The feedback from our Customers regarding eTransport has been extremely positive. Fast job creation and the interaction with our other Stirling Solutions Modules has enabled more time for planning of both individual consignments and loads. S & J European (Haulage) Ltd.
04/02/2012 All the functionality you would expect and require from a Comprehensive Accounts Module are there as standard. Furthermore, being seamlessly integrated to Stirling Solutions Modules and the added benefit of tailored KPI reports; both internal and external requests can be achieved instantly. Ascot Transport Ltd.
22/01/2012 The many benefits of eTransport, has further strengthened our exceptionally close working relationships with our Customers. Our Clients can not only book their own job requests on line but also answer any questions they may, the instant they need to know. Andy Freight Ltd.
07/01/2012 Controlling of customers stock items, managing of spare warehouse locations, production of required warehouse documentation, through to invoicing, in our experience Stirling Solutions Warehouse Module enables a clear and user friendly step by step approach to operating our Warehouse effectively. Allen (Bolton) Ltd
02/01/2012 Stirling Solutions Integrated Scanning Module enables each and every required document to be linked to its respective Transport Job. Not only is the process fast, efficient and simple to use, but any user of Traffic Desk can easily access the required document at the touch of a button. H Beardsley Ltd.
Displaying 11 to 20 of 21